Thursday, August 22, 2019 5:25 AM

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The Heart of Europe sells out 1,000 units

Kleindienst Group, the UAE’s largest European property developer and creator of The Heart of Europe cluster of islands, said, it has successfully sold out all 32 contemporary villas on Germany Island as second homes.


It plays host to 15 contemporary beachfront and 17 lagoon villas with each enjoying tranquillity and privacy as well as unparalleled waterfront views. Prices for the former averaged Dh26.2 million while the latter off plan price started at Dh11.5 million. This comes after Kleindienst Group announced this summer that it sold out all 10 luxurious Sweden Beach Palaces on Sweden Island, with proven capital appreciation of over 200 percent.


Construction on Germany Island started in early 2018 and handover is expected for end of this year and construction completion by Q2 2019. Since the villas are underway with bricks and mortar available to see, it has started to draw in the European investors who prefer to see part-built/built units as well as attractive forecasts for return on investment before purchasing.


Josef Kleindienst, Founder and Chairman of Kleindienst Group said: “The successful sell out of Germany Island’s 32 villas is further testament to the growing demand for freehold second homes in Dubai. We have witnessed strong interest from UAE, GCC and now European investors in second homes on The Heart of Europe, which reinforces that Dubai is ready both for this concept and a new investment opportunity with guaranteed returns. Out of our 4,000 units that will be available, we have now sold over 1,000 units to a mix of buyer nationalities and we will bring more new investors from Europe in Q4 this year and beyond.

Our project is on track and we recently increased the number of workers to approximatively 2,000. As we move towards the handover of the first homes at the Heart of Europe very soon.”

Germany Island combines superior craftsmanship and smart technology with high quality finish to create pure perfection. Inspired by the Bauhaus style, the design interprets this with a contemporary twist and sleek design and innovative technology. Germany Island will be constructed in the shape of a horseshoe as a backdrop for Germany’s inherent rich cultural heritage intertwined with modern concepts of sustainability embedded in the beautiful design and experience. The sense of a Maldivian island concept will be further enriched by a stunning seascape created by artificial coral reefs built with real coral fragmented and nurtured at Kleindienst’s own coral nursery.

Each Germany Island Villa will be powered by green energy and solar power. Landscaping in the style of the Maldives with bended palm trees and luscious vegetation will not only delight the villa owners and guests but will also reduce the climate temperature naturally  by up to 4-5 degrees in the same way as on Sweden island.

From the finest, traditional German food, fruits and beverages to well-known and niche festivals, Germany Island will enliven residents with high standards of luxury lifestyle.

Kleindienst plans to start handing over three islands, Sweden, Germany and Floating Seahorses at St Petersburg Island.