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Dubai renews 39,747 business licences in 10 months

As many as 115,700 business licenses have been renewed in the first ten months of 2018 by the Department of Economic Development, Dubai Government’s trade licensing arm, a statement said.


The Auto Renewal service launched by the Business Registration and Licensing (BRL) section of the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai, has seen a 34 percent jump in the number of total renewed licences (115,700) during the first ten months of 2018.


The latest BRL report showed that the percentage of auto renewal transactions accounted for 46.9 percent during the last quarter of 2018 compared to 14.9 percent during the first quarter of the same year.


Among the auto renewed licences issued, 74 percent were Commercial, 22 percent Professional, and 2 percent related to Tourism and Industrial, each.


“Business licences can be auto renewed in two simple steps, and in less than two minutes. Business owners can send a text message with their trade licence number to be renewed to “6969”, and they will receive a ‘payment voucher’. They can then complete the payment through any of the payment channels provided in the text message. They can also log on to the Dubai DED website or download the ‘DED Business’ App, which they can also access as a one-time visitor only,” said Abdulaziz Bin Hathboor, Director of Customer Relation Division, BRL sector.


“The Auto Renewal service has helped business licence owners in Dubai in saving their time and efforts, and focusing more on developing their business by leveraging the advantages of the emirate as a hub for competitive and sustainable growth”, added Bin Hathboor.


According to the distribution of the economic activities of the auto renewed licences during the first ten months, the report showed the top five activities for commercial licenses were: ‘general trade’, followed by ‘Readymade clothing’, ‘perfume and cosmetics’, “Watches and spare parts” and "gifts". The top five activities for professional licences were: ‘Restaurant’, ‘men's salon’, ‘selling snacks’, ‘café’, and ‘sewing and embroidery of women's clothing’.


The top five activities for tourism licences were Internal tourism tours operator, Travel and Tourism Agent, Hotel, Tourism trips, and Hotel Apartments, while the top five activities for industrial licences were Metal repair for buildings, Turnery workshop, Home furniture, Office furniture, and Industry furniture & kitchen installations.


DED offers a number of payment channels for transactions related to auto renewals, such as online through eServices, the “DED Business” App and E-Dirham G2, or cash and check payments through authorised banks and outsourced service centres. Direct debit from the licence owner’s account through participating banks is also an option.


“Auto Renewal has proven to be of immense value to business in Dubai while also expediting the transformation of Dubai into a smart city. It’s a great addition that not only adds to the competitiveness of Dubai but is also aimed at promoting happiness across all communities in Dubai,” noted Bin Hathboor.


Auto renewal service allows business licence owners to renew their licences for more than one year and a maximum of 4 years provided that the lease is valid. If the license renewal is for more than one year, the number of years must be added in the text message, eg (license number - number of years). Further, the location of the company must be the same as the previous year.