Monday, June 25, 2018 2:10 PM

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Istanbul to host 107-Story TV Tower

Fabrication of the façade of Istanbul’s 365.5-meter Küçük Çamlica TV Tower (KCTV) is underway.

The façades of the GBP36 million (US$46.7 million) structure were designed by UK-based Newtecnic, whose innovative concept allows inhabitable spaces to be attached to the whole of the tower’s core.

“Because of the complexity and cost of building, towers of this height normally have accommodation only at the top,” said Newtecnic CEO Andrew Watts. “We devised a design that allows lightweight, pre-fabricated glass reinforced concrete (GRC) panels to be attached all the way up the central column. These hang like a curtain and are securely clipped to the main central core to create large interior spaces”.

The tower will host 125 broadcasting transmitters and is expected to attract 4.5 million annual visitors. The design, which incorporates restaurants, exhibition and meeting spaces, two high-level observation decks, and a panoramic elevator, was wind-tunnel tested, allowing Newtecnic to develop accurately-sized façade components from the first stage studies. 

It also provided the data to optimize the envelope build-up and obtain an accurate understanding of the impact of the façade loads on the structural behavior of the concrete structure. This was crucial to ensure integrity and long term reliability, as the tower is sited on a hill and will, when complete, reach 580 meters above sea level. Newtecnic engineered the façade to more than double its lifespan, reaching 60 years.