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55,928 investors from 150 countries invested Dh135 billion in Dubai’s real estate in 2015

More than 55,928 investors from 150 countries invested Dh135 billion (US$36.78 billion) in to Dubai’s real estate sector in 2015, according to the Dubai Land Department, the emirate’s land and property registrar.

As many as 12,441 citizens of the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries contributed Dh44 billion in 2015. Emirati investment formed the lion’s share of this figure, with total transactions of Dh26.083 billion, while 3,259 Saudi buyers bought properties worth Dh9 billion. More than 1,117 Kuwaiti nationals bought Dh3 billion worth of properties, followed by nationals from Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

The total value of foreign investment in the Dubai real estate market in the year 2015 amounted to more than Dh74 billion from 35,165 investors. 

Indian investors topped the list of foreign investors in Dubai’s land and property with 8,756 Indians injecting Dh20 billion in Dubai’s property sector, followed by British nationals who were responsible for Dh10 billion worth of transactions. As many as 4,889 British nationals bought properties in Dubai last year. However, 6,106 Pakistani nationals purchased Dh8 billion worth of properties – making the third largest foreign investor group. Although the number of Pakistani investors were higher, the value of their combined investment were lower than that of the British nationals.

Contribution of other Arab investors from outside the GCC region last year reached more than Dh16 billion, with 8,325 individuals of 16 nationalities buying properties in Dubai. DLD’s report revealed that Jordanian investors ranked highest, with 1,516 investors pumping in more than Dh3.5 billion. They were followed by 1,390 citizens of Egypt who invested a total of Dh2.55 billion and 1,066 Lebanese investors with a total amount of Dh2.53 billion. Significant investments were also made by nationals from Iraqi, Yemen, Sudan, Palestine, Libya, and Algeria.

Sultan Butti Bin Merjen, Director General of Dubai Land Department, said: "The sheer diversity of investors in Dubai’s real estate market is an overwhelming endorsement of the products that we have to offer. Dubai enjoys an extremely high degree of acceptance from international investors because of its attributes and its Return on Investment - factors that have been revealed from studies on the UAE’s state of stability and the continuing growth of its economy.

"We are reassured with the size of investments from the citizens of the UAE, in addition to the enormous demand from our brothers in the GCC. Investment by Gulf nationals provides the market with a strong shield from seasonal fluctuations,” bin Mejren concluded.