Tuesday, July 17, 2018 8:11 AM

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Dubai Land Department launches Urban Journalism Academy

Dubai Land Department on Monday launched Urban Journalism Academy – that will help bridge a growing knowledge gap between global urban development and the local media and help them develop better editorial contents.

Mahmoud El Burai, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Real Estate Institute, the educational arm of Dubai Land Department, announced the opening of the Urban Journalism Academy, saying, “This is going to bring the global experts on urban development and habitat closer to the UAE media and help develop a better understanding of the challenges of urbanisation.”

He also distributed fellowships to a number of media professionals who will be part of the new academy, including two from Gulf Property.

He announced this at a two-hour Urban Journalism workshop that took place in parallel with the Urban Thinkers discussion sessions. The workshop was hosted by the Urban Journalism Academy, which is a pioneering and innovative UN initiative that aims to strengthen the role of journalists and media professionals in shaping future cities. To this end, the workshop shed light on the overall process of urbanisation by sharing substantive knowledge about city planning and management issues, as well as by providing technical expertise for gathering and examining urban data and indicators.

The Urban Journalism Academy also aims to highlight outstanding communication for development in urban contexts; share a selection of interesting examples of sustainable urban transformation projects; and make urban development issues and challenges clear and accessible to the general public, beyond professionals, researchers and public authorities, to bring the urban debate closer to real citizens and residents.

Mahmoud El Burai added that the forum hosted the ‘Urban Thinkers Youth Campus’, which invited students from several schools to take part and share their opinions about the future cities they wish to live in. The UAE's 100 real estate ambassadors also participated to promote a culture of sustainability and ongoing development among the future generation.